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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Youtube's songs.

Salam readers.

Just wanna share some cool music videos from Youtube. :D

Title: Nice Guys
By: Nigahiga, Kevjumba and Chestersee


Nice guys finish last,
That's why I'll treat you like trash,
It's not what I really wanna do.
But, you only date bad guys so,
I'll give it my best try to,
Treat you the way you want me to.

I never open a door,
or pull out a chair.
You can tell me how your day was
but I don't really care.
And if you ever get cold,
you'll just have to hack it,
Cause I'd be cold too
If I gave you my jacket.
Like WHOA, you ain't sittin up front,
Front is for the homies you can sit in the trunk.
I never answer my phone,
Whenever you call it
And when the waiter brings the bill
I never reach for my wallet.


And Ima BEAT you!
At every competition.
Going out with the girls
You better get my permission.
Wait no, i take that back, you can't go,
House is on tonight
And that's my favorite show!
Do I look fat in this dress?
Hell yeah you do!
Wait lemme speak your language
Cows go Moo!
Mooo Moooo Mooo MOOOO!


But behind the scenes she means the world to me.
Wanna tell her that she's beautiful, and show her that she's loved.
Hold her hand when she's scared, tell her how much I care...
But that won't win her heart BECAUSE....

Nice guys finish last..

Title: Shed A Tears
By: Nigahiga, Kevjumba and Chestersee


Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes

Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.

Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

You guys can check their channel in the links below. They have a lot of awesome vlog! :D




eykameow said...

ada ek lirik dia?? aku dok cari gak! HAHA lawak kan? aku dh lama tengok kot..kesian ko bru tengok! =P

miss sadiq! said...

eykameow: adeer la lirik die. ko baru tau ker. kesiann. wakakakkakaka! :p

Anonymous said...

haha nigahiga memang femes kan?

miss sadiq! said...

ssri: yup2. famous sgt. huhu.

Amnah Yus said...

wuuu wuuu lyrics

miss sadiq! said...

Amnah Yus: Yup2! Lirik nyer sekali. :)