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Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 numbers that I hate the most!

Seriously, this is the most horrible!

I hate these 3 numbers!

Number 1
Sometimes number 1 can make you being on top
But for me, number 1 is meaningless!

Number 2
Sometimes number 2 is better than one
But for me, number 4 is much more better than two!

Number 8
Sometimes number 8 carries quite a big amount of number
But for me, its nothing!

Try to be a better person that can make her beloved parents proud of her.

Keep my words!


Anonymous said...

sadiq :) result da kuar ea?

miss sadiq! said...

dah. teruk lor. :(

masam.atie.manis said...

result ke nie? fighting sadiq!!

Kira Rose said...

tak phm la, haah ? hahahahaha

miss sadiq! said...

atie: aah. thnx atie!

kira: ko x payah paham ler.

Anonymous said...

ha,ah beta pun tak faham ;)

miss sadiq! said...