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Thursday, July 22, 2010

should i go back home?

i'm still confuse to decide whether should i go home this weekend or just staying here and join the concert? huh? really confused! but from my point of view, i think that the mini concert is such a great events and i should experience it. the chance just come once only sadiq! once u left it, u will never get it back.
the mini concert is actually handled by kolej pendeta zaba. our 'GOOD FRIENDS' here. LOL. and for sure it will be held in this UKM. heee~ some artists will be coming and entertain all the UKMians this saturday night. BUT, i want to go home! i miss my family so much lor. and also my grandma. tok, i miss u. :')

urmm. let me think wisely before i make the decision. haha! its not a big deal lah sadiq. :) and i want to make an announcement here. I AM HUNGRY RIGHT NOW! :p

tata! :)


eykameow said...

kenapa la semua orang suka gambar tuuu? weyh. ko jumpe tok tak aritu???

miss sadiq! said...

@eykameowsebab picx 2 lawa lah! haha!
jumpe tok? x pon.. awat??

Anonymous said...

aku pun lapaaaarr

miss sadiq! said...

Jom makan maggi! Perghh!