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Friday, April 30, 2010

hello mei :)

alhamdulillah. da masuk bulan mei da. cepat an mase berlalu. masuk bulan nie da kire 2 bulan gak ler aku cuti. lame tuh. naseb baek adew bnde yg nak dibuat. huhu. haaa, jgn lupe yer kawan2, bulan mei nie gak adelah HARI IBU taw. xtually, hari ibu adalah hari2. sbb ibulah yg besarkan kite selame nie. tanpa mereka, sapelah kite en. syukur alhamdulillah. by the way, SELAMAT HARI PEKERJA! hehe.
berkenaan ngn entri di atas, ingin ku kongsi secebis lagu untuk tatapan kalian sumer. bg aku, lagu nie sgt2 ler best dan tenang biler aku dgr. hayatilah lirik2 dier. sunnguh menyentuh hati dan menusuk betol lah. MAHA SUCI ALLAH..!

title : open your eyes
artist : maher zain

look around yourselves

cant you see this wonder

spreaded infront of you

the clouds floating by

the skies are clear and blue

planets in the orbits

the moon and the sun

such perfect harmony

let's start question in ourselves
isn't this proof enough for us
or are we so blind
to push it all aside

we just have to
open our eyes, our hearts,and minds
if we just look bright to see the signs
we cant keep hiding from the truth
let it takes us by surprise
take us in the best way
guide us every single day
keep us close to You
until the end of time

look inside yourselves
such a perfect order
hiding in yourselves
running in your veins
what about anger love and pain
and all the things you're feeling
can you touch them with your hand?
so are they really there?


when a baby's born
so helpless and weak
and you're watching him growing
so why deny
whats in front of your eyes
the biggest miracle of life


you created everything
we belong to You
Ya Robb we raise our hands
forever we thank you