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Monday, March 7, 2011


Salam readers.

Kenape kan kadang-kadang kita selalu jer stalk orang yang kite suka?

Dengan orang yang kite tak suka pun kite stalk jugak. =___="

Aku admit yang aku selalu jugak lah stalk orang ramai. Orang ramai? Or ramai orang?

Yes, I'm a stalker! I admit that. Fuhh!

But sometimes this part time job makes me feel relieved. I can know something fishy about the peoples that I stalked. LOL :D

And I just thought that isn't they know that I stalked them? As for me, they should be proud and amazed caused someone has stalked them. A lot! Haha! Ouh no. I'm felt too naughty to mention about these nonsense things.

"Hey you. Can you give me a chance to meet and talk to you before you fly to the place that is a hundred miles away from me? Or do you wanna leave just like that without saying GOODBYE? Think about it please. :("


Anonymous said...

kalo nak copykan entry ni boleh??? t ak credictkan untuk ko ;)

miss sadiq! said...

qaqa: boleh bah kalau kau. hihi.

Anonymous said...

sadiqq baru perasan ayat bwah tu..
hm,,, sedeyyyhhhhh stop laa stalk dye!
juz giv him a message!

miss sadiq! said...

qaqa: urmm. entah lor. past is past. :(

Anonymous said...

huyoo ade betul jugak ayat2 kau kan. haha. aku pun suka STALK orang!! :p Haha. Kau ckp psl spe haaaa.....? Tak bg tau pun ==' Hehe

miss sadiq! said...

syidora: haha. buat ape nak bgtau ko. keep as a secret! haha.

marisa said...

LOL :) sadiqqq

miss sadiq! said...

marisa: haha. ^_^